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Our Mission and Objectives

Our mission and objectives are to provide you, the Wat Lao Temple Community, the information and facts about our Wat Lao Buddhavong, Washington D.C.

To the ordinary peoples and outsiders, Wat Lao Buddhavong seems to operate normally.  Just like any other Temples or any non-profit organizations - There are Good and Bad.

The goal for this site is to open up some of the issues and problems exist in the Wat Lao Buddhavong, so that improvement can be made. It's "Ugly Truth" that not many of us dare to speak about it. But, these issues and problems have been going on for too long and there is no clear plan by the Board of Directors to resolve them.

We, the community and the temple need to be proactive on resolving these problems before they get worst.  This web site is to educate the public, to open their eyes, to help them learn and understand the issues Wat Lao Buddhavong is facing. To show the public that if there is nothing done, we will no longer have Wat Lao Buddhavong the same way again.

It's up to you, the Temple community, to deal with these major issues and problems that exist today. It is everyone's responsibilities. It is your responsibilities as the Temple Community to help resolve these problems.

It's our Temple, if we don't take carae of it, then who will. Do it for you, for your children and grandchildren. You know there is a really need for change. Help preserve our Culture and Heritage.

Time to face the facts... Time for Actions... Future of Wat Lao Buddhavong is in your hands !

May Buddha Bless all of us !


Here are the problems at Wat Lao Buddhavong

  1. The present Board of Directors "undertook" the management since 2003. Most of the previous Board of Directors were removed without their knowledges.
  2. The Bylaw was modified in an attempt to prevent any voting rights by our Temple Community
  3. The Bylaw was modified to extend the terms of the current Board of Directors as long as possible.
  4. The Bylaw was modified to allow the current Board of Directors to withold any information that they don't want the Temple Community to see. We have the right to see. We need Transparency!
  5. Fill Project's nature and scope is not cleared to the public. The exchange offer between the Directors and Contractors are not clearly documents and not available to be reviewed by Temple Community.
  6. The contract for the pavement of the parking lot and main entrance has never been completed. Nothing has been done since the exchange offer. No terms were disclosed to community.
  7. Financial Accounting problems still remain. There has not been an audited financial report provided to the Temple Community as required.
  8. IRS Tax form 990 for non-profit organization has never been filed to the IRS and disclosed to the Temple Community. This form may or many not be required to be filed to the IRS, but it is absolutely need to be completed and disclosed to Temple Community. The Board of Directors had indicated that they have been preparing this 990 form since October 2008. Nothing has been done as of March 2010.
  9. In the letter to the Temple Community in October 2008. The Board stated that there are plans for these future constructions: Monastic Residence, an Expanded public facility for cultural and educational events, and a formal ancestor memory garden. As of March 2010, there have been NO plan to construct these. Instead, the temple's resources are used to construct temple in India (http://watlaointer.org/)
  10. There is no plan to elect new Board of Directors, despite, many attempts and request by our Lao Temple Community. The current Board of Directors undertook the management since 2003.
  11. There is no proper process and procedures on handling the income to the Temple. There is no Transparency.
  12. There is no proper methods, processes and policy on the major expenses. There is no accountability and responsibility for the misuse and mishandleling of the funds.


Detail about Issues at Wat Lao Buddhavong

What you should know about Wat Lao Buddhavong (Details coming soon, visit often):

  • Bylaw
  • Board of Directors
  • Officers 
  • Wat Lao Property documentation
  • List of Wat Lao Assets Before
  • List of Wat Lao Assets Remaining
  • Photos of Fill projects (good dirts or simply junks for Wat Lao)
  • Photos of monks resides in the unsaved trailers
  • List of Monks at Wat Lao
  • List of Sankhalee of Wat Lao
  • List of wasteful spending on projects
  • List of income that should have been reported, but not
  • List of expenses that should have been reported, but not
  • List of Legal issues Wat Lao been thru with Local Governement
  • List of Legal issues and potential major problems Wat Lao may face with various State and Federal Governments

How to Verify the information

To learn and verify the information mentioned above, please email us. The following public information are available:

  1. The Original Bylaw of Wat Lao Buddhavong written by our Founders
  2. The modified Bylaw of Wat Lao Buddhavong drafted by the current Board of Directors
  3. The Aunnual Reports as reported to Commonwealth the Virginia State Corporation Commission. These reports show who are added and removed from the Board of Directors and Officers in the past 10 years.
  4. Official Letters from the Board of Directors to our Temple Community representatives about the plans, but not much actions have been done since.
  5. Others documents to show how ineffective the current Board of Directors are.
  6. Compiles of unofficial financial information indicating the efficiency and non-transparency.

About the Lao Temple Community

A group of active volunteers for Wat Lao Buddhavong in the past 30 years.

We see what you see on how Wat Lao Buddhavong is deteriorating and got worsen day-by-day.

We are doing something about it.

We believe the sin of doing nothing is much worse than doing something about it. We are doing something to change.

The positive change might not happen today nor tomorrow, but we believe the change will happen!

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